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Residential Space


Design Concept


The property owner who specializes in custom-made colorful boutique bicycles for Europeans and Americans, so we meticulously configure abundant diverse furnishings to respond to his preference of brilliant colors. This place, moreover, often entertains the customers and friends from abroad because of his work. Therefore, we adopt the balance and symmetrical scheme to layout the space that emphasizes entertainment and exhibition, accordingly, bring about an amicable and imposing private club.

Design Techniques

展示表雅興Elegant exhibit features


Considering that the private club mainly serves for entertaining purposes, thus, most cabinets are set of displaying features. Besides, the wine cellar area, the kitchen island, and the round dining-table, all provide a cozy and unwind ambiance for entertaining the inviting guests, leisurely enjoy the conversation and amazing experience.

精工顯名貴Glorious exquisite craftsmanship


In line with the stylish high-end furniture, we employ terrazzo flooring of a delicate texture, and the fine metallic finishes at the entrance perfectly express the beauty of craftsmanship, as well as invite the guests inside through the vivid linear pattern. The concise but exquisite features become the major planning themes of this project.

細節塑藝品Appealing artistic details


The large windows of the building excellently introduce the sunlight and reflect on the large-scale wooden floor, which generates a calm and steady atmosphere of the space. Furthermore, integrate with the polished terrazzo to cast an appealing situation of light and shadow. There are eight pieces of metallic-etched doors of mixed colors, such as super light-gray, yellow, and blue, which are like the sculptures with the same element but different looks, and display as artworks in the space.