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Residential Space


Design Concept


Adopt the symmetrical scheme and pure gray tone, in the meantime embellish with some exquisite art-decors and paintings superbly couples the elegant and stable character of the homeowner with the spirit of the space. In particular to set up a few gathering areas of the concise and stylish home to meet the demand of entertaining relatives and friends. And evaluate the living habits of different ages, thus, meticulously select suitable furnishing to satisfy the three generations needs, wherefore to enjoy the bliss of family life in the warm and joyful circumstance.

Design Techniques

左右對稱 平衡格局Symmetrical, balanced, and harmonious pattern


Due to the long-narrow pattern, ingeniously utilizes the furnishing like sofa and coffee table to set up the harmonious left-right layout. Furthermore, respectively set up the doors of a study and sitting area on both sides of the living room, and work in concert with the transparent glass display cabinets to create a well-proportioned corridor and compartment. The balanced and symmetrical configuration excellently fashion the classical and cultured features of the house.

基底沉穩 低調細膩Steady, subdued, and delicate texture


Ponder the allergy trouble of the family members; thus, make use of wooden floor to replace the carpet in the public areas. Deliberately choose dark walnut wood of temperate shade and smooth texture to settle down the dynamic feature of the furnishing of the excellent lighting field. Besides, coat the walls with silk fabric to warm up the whole space, and take advantage of the soft yet low-key vision and touching to form the elegant and delicate ambiance.

巧施色彩 絢爛吸睛Gorgeous, colorful, and eye-catching feature


Differ to the mild and understated features of the flooring and wall-surface; delicately arrange the appealing finishing of tangerine hue at the entrance and the private sitting room to form a brilliant contrast with the tranquil and graceful features of other areas. Not only magnify the vibrant colors favored by the homeowner but also add a lively vibe to the environment, moreover, brings the energetic feelings to the children and grandchildren.