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Residential Space


Design Concept


The property owner, who owns a variety of artworks, has a personal preference in art and distinguished ideas in aesthetics, favored two kinds of stone material- the French gray and the Statuario marble of gorgeous and dynamic texture. Considering a plentiful amount of colorful artworks and the striking texture of the stones, meticulously adopt the plain and clean color themes. Also, take advantage of the innovative PANDOMO coating of sedate and serene quality to finish the interior design. Ultimately, bring about an appealing homey circumstance via the selected materials, art decors, and bright light.

Design Techniques

極簡鋪敘 大氣襯托Magnificently configure the simple setting


The PANDOMO coating shows up the exquisite texture by way of the fine craftsmanship, furthermore, set off the delicate beauty of the art painting. Make use of native rocks to set the TV wall, and exploit the imposing arrangement and proportional linear features to reveal the elegant and genuine essence, as well as to create a decent situation of the space. Equip with hidden storage space, which manifests the taste of the art collections via low-profile tinge and texture. Configure an exhibition room of constant temperature and moisture features to achieve the demand of collecting artworks appropriately. Furthermore, the intelligent environmental control system throughout the house can directly adjust the lighting, air conditioning, temperature, and humidity of the house by connecting to the cell phone, thus, skillfully control the ambiance of the space.

精緻選材 低調陳述Understatedly apply the selected fine materials


Adopt the "high-end material, low-key exerting" interior design scheme to highlight the distinguishing features of the collected paintings. PANDOMO coating, elegant tinges, concise linear furnishing, and rustic wall and flooring perfectly bring about a contemporary, magnificent, and stylish circumstance. Artfully exploit the homeowner favored brilliant colors and vivid textured materials to marry the gentle atmosphere, thereupon, achieve the harmonious balance.

毛胚塑形 定調情境Meticulously set the everlasting layout


Take advantage of the semi-finished house to configure the structural pattern according to the demands, and create a timeless setting by means of the symmetrical balance concept. Carefully apply the design ideas everywhere; for example, the marble wall behind the sofa forms the partition between the living room and the dining room through the snow-white hue and light linear texture, as well as stating the low-key ambiance through the elegant feature.

細築安適 滿溢幸福Marvelously construct the comfy and blissful environment


Ponder that there are young children in the house, we value the importance of safety and health, hence, make use of green and low formaldehyde building materials, incorporate with the durable, low conversion rate metal and stone elements to create a dreamy cozy scene. While strolling amid the refined surrounding, remarkably appreciate the endless happiness.